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    8:30 AM Men's Coffee Group

    Men's Coffee Group
    8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

    • Date: September 1, 2019

    MEN’S GROUP The Men’s Group is an open group that meets the first Sunday of each month. Coffee time begins at 8 AM, with check-in and the start of the meeting at 8:30 AM. Their credo is “you are not alone”. The check-in allows for personal sharing, followed by discussion of an issue relevant to the men present. This is a group that permits deep sharing in a trust-based, confidential environment.

    Location: OCUUF

    10 AM Michael Schuler “Emotional Resilience

    Michael Schuler “Emotional Resilience
    10 AM - 11 AM

    • Date: September 1, 2019

    “Emotional Resiliance, A Modest Prescription for Two” "In keeping with Open Circle's monthly theme, Healing and Wholeness, I’ll be sharing some insights from one of America’s most notable depressive presidents, as well as others who have suffered from emotional unrest. My approach will be historical and anecdotal rather than clinical, but I’ve found that the former can sometimes prove therapeutic as well."

    Location: OCUUF

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    9 AM OCUUF Rummage Sale Fondue Fest

    OCUUF Rummage Sale Fondue Fest
    9 AM - 3 AM

    • Date: September 7, 2019

    Location: OCUUF

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    10 AM Water Communion

    Water Communion
    10 AM - 11 AM

    • Date: September 8, 2019

    "Water Communion & Healing Stories This year we are focusing on the healing power of water as we come together for our annual water communion service. Please bring a little water to mingle with others and tell us what you did to heal your spirit this summer."

    Location: OCUUF

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    6:30 AM Board Meeting

    Board Meeting
    6:30 AM - 8 AM

    • Date: September 9, 2019

    Monthly Board Meeting

    Location: OCUUF

    10 AM W.O.W. Women of Wisdom Coffee Group

    W.O.W. Women of Wisdom Coffee Group
    10 AM - 11 AM

    • Date: September 9, 2019

    WOMEN OF WISDOM COFFEE GROUP (WOW) WOW is a group of women who gather the first Monday of every month for open discussion centered around individual views of spirituality and its implications in women’s lives. Some of the topics that have been discussed are world religions and personal beliefs, styles of meditation, aging, death and the afterlife, and mindfulness.

    Location: OCUUF

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    11 AM Citizens Climate Lobby Meeting

    Citizens Climate Lobby Meeting
    11 AM - 1 AM

    • Date: September 14, 2019

    Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that empowers people from all walks of life to become effective advocates for a livable world. We meet regularly with our member of congress and his staff to urge support for climate protection. Our Fond du Lac chapter meets on the second Saturday of each month at 10:45 am at Open Circle. We cover our local agenda and then join the national call at noon.

    Location: OCUUF

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    10 AM Service Rev Jim Coakley Healing and Wholeness

    Service Rev Jim Coakley Healing and Wholeness
    10 AM - 11 AM

    • Date: September 15, 2019

    “Kintsugi-The Art of Wholeness From Brokenness” Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing cracks in a bowl with lacquer mixed with gold or other precious metals which transforms a piece of broken pottery into a new art form. Let's explore kintsugi as a metaphor for converting our brokenness into wholeness."

    Location: OCUUF

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    10 AM Service M Eshowshy Dreaming the World we want

    Service M Eshowshy Dreaming the World we want
    10 AM - 11 AM

    • Date: September 22, 2019

    "Dreaming the World We Want: Wisdom of Indigenous Traditions in a Time of a Challenged World More and more we are witnessing the interconnection of all life in the great eco system we live. The talk shares stories of indigenous ways of perceiving the world and how through our words and actions we can work to bring the world back to balance and harmony. At the end of the talk, we will create a group healing energy ceremony based in indigenous Jewish traditions."

    Location: OCUUF

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    10 AM Potluck

    10 AM - 11 AM

    • Date: September 29, 2019

    Please bring a dish to share and your own plates and utensils!

    Location: OCUUF

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